Bring Back The Colour!

Bring Back The Colour

Cheryl brought in this wonderful photo for restoration. It needs some colour restoration and through Photoshop I was able to use the channels to isolate the bad yellow staining and remove it. Then using curves, hue & saturation and a few selective colour adjustments layers we had this much improved final photo which Cheryl was surprised and delighted with.

I shall have to use your services again!! – Cheryl

Colour restoration of old photo. Bring Back The Colour

Medium colour photo restoration $75

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Wow, yeah….. WOW

Wow, yeah….. WOW

Kalym wanted me to restore this wonderful old photo of his grandfather who had just lied about his age to enter the army. Unfortunately the photo had suffered badly from fading and had area of surface damage where the emulsion layer had fallen away altogether.
The first place to start restoring this old soldier was to isolate the silvering in Photoshop by making a mask from the an adjust blue channel.
Then using curves I was able to bring back these silvered areas and smooth out the overall tone of the image. The yellowing was removed by using a B&W adjustment layer and additional selective adjustment curves layers were used to pull out the details in the floor and the stand on the right. The damaged surface areas were filled in using the clone and healing tools. Finally a dodge and burn layer was used to tidy up here and there and finish the photo restoration.

Wow, yeah…wow. Not sure what I expected, but this looks fantastic. Thanks a lot, and so quick too! – Kalym

Old soldier photo restoration - Pixelfix Auckland Wow, yeah..... WOW

Medium Restoration : Cost = $90 + print : Time 3-4 hours.

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Look how this turned out!

PixelBOX photography

Tony had some old photos that he asked me to restore and one of them was this delightful childhood photo. The head was missing, the bike was cut off, picture was off center. So with the help of Photoshop and a few photos from my other job as a real estate photographer, as PixelBOX photography.  I was able to rebuild a background that was in keeping with the rest of the photo. The photo is now back on display and looking a whole lot better.

Photo restoration before and after example PixelBOX photography

Photo Restoration with background replaced

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Omana Beach

Richard Brought in this wonderful old photo of Omana Beach just outside Auckland for restoration.

The Photo was in a poor state but I was able to fully restore this in Photoshop by removing the yellow discolouration and extending the sea front to make this wonderful old photo come alive again. The finished photo restoration is now framed and is back up on display again.

Hi Richard,
Look great, will put money in today.
Cheers Richard

Repeat orders

Repeat orders

Kura came to me all the way from The Cook Islands last year with this very sad looking photo that was on the verge of total decay. I was able to reconstruct the missing pieces remove the red colour cast, fill in all the cracks and return this photo to a beautiful work of art that could be enjoyed again. Indeed this year she has just order 2 extra copies. 

Repeat orders Picture

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Is this the biggest restoration this year?

At over a meter high and with extreme fading discolouration and multiple areas of surface damage to such a detailed and colourful photograph, this must rank as the biggest restoration job this year.

Abigail is herself a photographer and  brought me this wonderful family portrait to be digitally restored on behalf of her father.

The level of difficulty is very high because of the detail and colour. If this had of been black and white then it may have been a different story. But although it took nearly 3 weeks to complete and a number of proofs were made this is the final restoration.

It took 34 layers in Photoshop which included numerous curves adjustment layers to tackle the discoloured highlight areas which had turned blue. The finished restoration was then framed and delivered back to the Abigail’s father.

Her father actually called me once he received the finished restoration to personally thank me. It is now hanging back up on the wall is being enjoyed once more.

Is this the biggest restoration this year?

Is this the biggest restoration this year? Picture


Sami Brought me this wonderful old photo for restoration. He had thought that the photo had been lost forever. But when clearing out behind his fridge one day, there it was. After 20 years it was found.
But in a sorry state. the entire lower half of the photo had to be completely rebuilt. So using Photoshop and by stealing parts from other photos I was able to rebuild the legs and the feet to complete the photo and make a wonderful framed photo to go back on display. The frame was from factory frames.

Wonderful Old Photo For Restoration Before and After

photo restoration black and white Wonderful Old Photo For Restoration

Medium restoration $150 plus prints

Is this good as New?!!

Wonderful Photo Restore

Ann Sent me through this wonderful photo and it was in pretty bad condition. It was black and white but with many creases and surface damage which really did spoil the photo. Without restoration it would have eventually come apart and be lost forever. But using Photoshop and many hours of patient work, we have restored this to be good as new!

Thanks for an awesome job.   It is my mother and eldest sister and is precious as we have very few photos of mum so young.  I’m going to put up on
– Ann

Black and White photo restoration - Wonderful Photo Restore

Medium level photo restoration $120 plus prints.

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Removing the scribbles

John asked me to Removing the scribbles and the pen marks from this wonderful old water colour painting that his grandfather had done back in the first world war. Using a combination of channel mixing and the spot removal tool i was able to completely remove the blue pen marks and restore this painting back to its original state. It can now be enjoyed for many years to come.

Before and After Removing the scribbles

Removing the scribbles photo restoration

pen marks removed from digitized copy of a water colour painting

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