Gone Fishing

Alex brought this beautiful scenic photo in for restoration because it had obviously faded and had lost all it’s colour. He had also asked that I remove the line running vertically on the left side of the photo. This was something to related to the mast apparently. There was also surface damage from moisture and mold that resulted in many small dots. With a good number of colour layers in Photoshop and using the clone tool I was able to restore this photo back to its original state. Alex now has this re-framed and hanging back up on his boat. 
Medium Photo restoration completed by Pixelfix in Auckland

Medium restoration 3-4hours $135 plus printing

Following in the footsteps.


John Came to me with an armful of old historically important photographs and paintings. He had a story that he wished to share and tell the world. His grandfather was in the army and had documented his time in service through the war from sailing off to his return.
The photos were in varying conditions but all needed to be digitized to enable him to share the story and the journey of his ancestors. Below is an official portrait of the man in question Lincoln Lee. It required the most work being very badly faded, suffering from very bad silvering and wide spread scratches and other surface damage. Using the hue and saturation to increase the colour i was then able to mask off the various areas of silvering damage and repair them in Photoshop. Patience and lots of spot removal and a black and white adjustment layer brought this portrait back to life. A new background completed the picture and the restoration was a success .
You can read more about Lincoln Lee and his journey through World War 1 here at https://walkmarch.blog/

The Restored-1 image, which had all that work, is just stunning.  Really, a complete transformation.
– John.

Photo Restoration of Soldier

Heavy Restoration 5+ hours $200

Speed Machine!

Margret from Auckland brought in this wonderful old photo for restoration. It was in a poor state and in need of some PixelFIXING. Using Photoshop I was able to remove the discolouration using hue and saturation layer combined with black and white adjustment layer. Then it was mostly a few hours of cloning and healing to remove the numerous small blemishes.

Hi Richard,  Great job.

Run Rabbit, Run Rabbit, Run Run Run

Hamish from Auckland brought this wonderful old photo for restoration. the photo is a good example of a black and white photo suffering from silvering and fading. By selecting the blue channel and using that to create a mask i was able to adjust the tone and revive the image in Photoshop. Hamish was very happy with the results and wrote this very nice review on Yellow Pages. You can read more about the Yellow Pages review here

Richard did a great job restoring an old family photo of my grandmother as a child and also scanning a number of other old photos in. Quick, professional and really great to deal with. Will definitely use again and recommend him. – Hamish

Sometimes it’s not a photo.

This document was badly damaged by water and has discoloured with dark stained areas covering most of the image. Using a mix of colour channels and experimenting with a colour overlay in different blending modes in Photoshop, I was able to restore this document. It is now in a very presentable state. This particular document was restored for the Tongan Ministry of Culture.

Happy Anniversary

Andrew brought me this faded old wedding photo and asked for it to be restored. Of course I was happy to oblige. after many years in a frame it was badly fading and the colours had deteriorated. I noticed that the colour of the eyes had  were slightly different for the man. His left eye was different to the right. I assumed this was due to a colour shift because of the fading, but in reality he had two differently coloured eyes. The left one green and the right one blue!! ​
The final restoration is now back with Andrew and his wife in Auckland and being enjoyed once more. 

…that’s great thank you           -Andrew | Auckland

Faded colour - photo restoration

Advanced colour photo restoration – cost $120 plus prints

A highland fling!

Shiree sent me this wonderful old photo to be cleaned up. It was starting top fade and looked a little worn. So using Photoshop I was able to clean up the blemishes and improve the overall contrast and tone of the image. A little bit of sharpening to finish the photo off then a Gallery quality Giclee print was produce and couriered straight out to Shiree.

Hi Richard
This looks amazing.  My husband was really pleased, as photo of his Dad and Uncle.
Will put the money through for you tonight
Most happy, thanks
Kind regards Shiree

Photo restoration example B&W

Clean up and restoration oversized 12″ x 16″ print $55 plus print

Something from nothing much.

When Lance brought me this sad looking photo from his companies offices for restoration, it had almost disappeared! For some unknown reason the original photo had all of the background removed. So a lot of Photoshop retouching was needed to replace the background insert a new sky, houses, wires, telegraph poles and walls.  The original photo photo also had been hand coloured, this also need to be restored.  Below is the finished result.

If you’d like to know a little more about the story of Wilcock’s Teas (now trading as http://www.beverageservices.co.nz/ ) over at this interesting website https://longwhitekid.wordpress.com/2013/06/24/taking-time-back-wilcocks-teas/

Wilcock's Teas Nelson st.

Wilcock’s Teas Nelson st.

It’s March already!!

Wow! It’s the first week of March already, I wonder where the time goes? Well I know where the last 2 weeks has gone. I spent most of that time updating the website and improving the look and feel. I added a new colour scheme and made a few small additions and made some other thing a bit more streamlined. 

I use Weebly for my website hosting and editing i find it works well for me and it is quick and easy to use. check them out. 

Just in time for Christmas

Abbey was delighted to have this wonderful old photo restored before Christmas. This was an old and faded which had been mounted on to card and need to be lightened and contrast and clarity adjusted The background was filled in around the top to square off the edges.

Hi Richard,

I wanted to thank you for restoring my photo, looks great.
Keep up the good work 🙂
​- Abbey

Photo restoration black and white

Light – medium photo restoration cost was $45 plus prints

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