Sennotype Restoration

​Paul Brought me this very precious old Sennotype slide. Unfortunately there was no colouring on this example. Either it has been lost or damaged, but it is no longer part of this photo. Paul is going to be donating this photo to the Otago Settlers Museum. This photo is a relative of Pauls’ and is of importance as he was one of those early settlers in that region.  It has now been fully restored as a black and white print which he will keep.

Sennotype Restoration

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Feeling rejuvenated!

Adrienne brought in this wonderful old photo for some rejuvenation! So that’s what we did We have rejuvenated this wonderful family photo and brought it back to life. Using Photoshop to correct the colours and using the clone and healing brush to remove damaged areas I was able to fully restore this old photo.

Feeling rejuvenated!Colour Photo Restoration - Feeling rejuvenated!

Colour Photo Restoration Medium Cost $80 plus prints

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New Review

Shinoy sent through his photo that he wanted some retouching work done. He was so pleased with the results he added this review to Google.
Read about the review HERE

One again thank you so much for the touch up. Definitely recommend you to others and use ur service again
Regards – Shinoy

Photo retouching

Blurring background, editing clothing and adjusting colours $80

Just The Lady Please…

Jenny asked for just the lady to be restored and printed as a separate photo.

With some magic Photoshop work I was able to cut out the lady and restore the photo, make it black and white again and make a new background so that the photo is able to be displayed again and enjoyed for many years to come.

The photo looks great thank you.

Photo restoration with new background - Just The Lady Please...

Photo restoration with new background $80 plus prints.

See what’s possible!!

Tony had some old photos and this half frame badly damaged slide, that he wanted to have restored for his wife. The slide was very dirty and very discoloured. There were hundreds of small black mold spots covering this slide.
Using the digital ice feature on my scanner during the scanning process. I was able to remove these and with a few more hours of patience I cleaned up the photo. Then used several colour adjustment layers in Photoshop to correct the colour cast and sharpen up the image.

See what’s possible

Colour photo restoration - See what's possible

Colour photo restoration from slide $160 plus prints

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New Blog Locatation.

I am going to try and duplicate my PixelFIX photo restoration blog here on the Weebly platform. I am interested to see if it has any impact on my page views and google ranking. I will maintain my version as well just in case I wish to revert back to there. 

weebly blog

Fading Fast!

Paul’s wife wanted to get this wonderful family photo saved. The sun had almost faded this one completely away. I used Photoshop to recolour parts of the image and used hue and saturation layers to recover the salvageable parts. Paul was very happy with the restoration. ​

Fading Fast!

Fading Fast! Picture

Faded colour photo restoration $80 plus print.

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Lets Get Something Straight!!

Some times things don’t go to plan. Sarah’s Graduation photo was taken without a full check-up in the mirror. The results were later to be found unsatisfactory. So Sarah asked me if I could do some photo re-touching and straighten the mortar board and improve this once in a lifetime moment so she could present this to her parents. I’m happy to say that the re-touching work in Photoshop was a success and Sarah was very happy with the results.

Lets Get Something Straight!!

Photo re-touching and manipulation. Auckland photo restorations and re-touching. Lets Get Something Straight!!

Light photo re-touching $40 1 hour approx

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