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Colin From Auckland brought in this wonderful old wedding photo that he wanted to restore for his wife as an anniversary present. This was the only colour photo from their wedding day and as such was a very precious memory. In Photoshop I was able to fix up the colour and remove the small marks and blemishes. The finished photo restoration was then framed in a simple but stylish white frame. Colin was so pleased with the result that he gave this wonderful review on Google.

I found a small, torn, badly marked and scratched colour photo at my mother-in-law’s home that depicted my wife Charmaine and I on our wedding day in 1972.
The photo is special because, although taken by a friend using a small Instamatic camera as we sat in the wedding car, it is the only colour photo we have of our wedding because all the professionally-taken colour photos did not come out due to a fault with the photographer’s camera.
I took the damaged small photo to Richard at PixelFix and he restored it beautifully to the stage where he was able to provide us with an enlarged print within a nice white frame which has pride of place on our mantelpiece.
I presented it to Charmaine for our wedding anniversary and she was absolutely thrilled with the superbly restored and vastly improved photo.
Colin Taylor
Commercial Property Editor
New Zealand Herald

Wedding Photo Restoration

Colour Wedding Photo Restoration

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