Can you SPOT the difference?

Can you SPOT the difference?

This wonderful photo was sent to me from Pearoa by Bianca. The phot has lots of red and orange spots covering most of the photo, which has really spoilt this photo. Combined with the fading and discolouration it is badly in need of restoration.

Using Photoshop I was able to use the channel mixer in black and white mode to knock out most of the red blotches then made a copy of the original image in colour mode and layered that over the top and blured it.
This gave just a few large blotches to deal with. which I was able to clone and heal away in colour mode.  A few coloured layers were used to help out in the sky and white areas. The results are really very good and Bianca was very happy with her restored photo.

Hi Richard,

It looks great my parents will be happy, thank you so much I have just transferred the payment now so you should receive it soon.

Thank you again

Photo restoration Can you SPOT the difference?

Medium Restoration $180 plus prints.

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