Putting a smile on her face.

Vivienne brought me this wonderful photo graph and asked if I could put the smile back on the ladies face. So using the power of Photoshop to eliminate the red channel data and clean up the rest of the image with cloning and heal brushing, I was able to recreate the smile and restore this wonderful portrait. 
The photo is now being enjoyed once again and Vivienne was very pleased with the finished result. 

I am very pleased with them all. Your results with these restorations are just what I’d hoped for. – Vivienne

Summer hide away

While everyone has been watching the All Blacks in the Rugby World Cup, I’ve been busy restoring old photos.  Anthony brought me this wonderful aerial photo of his family’s batch up in the Bay of Islands in the Northland. It is a large print mounted on to cardboard and was badly faded and discoloured through sun exposure and time. Using a number of various curves adjustment layers in Photoshop I was able to carefully bring back the colour and restore contrast. A moderate amount of cloning and healing brush work was needed to clean up the small blemishes to complete the restoration.
​It is quiet an eery scene  with a stormy looking sky. Anthony tells me that the land is now covered in wild bush. Just goes to show that it doesn’t take long for nature to reclaim what is hers. 

New marketing materials

www.PixelFIX.co.nz photo restoration is just one part of my business. I am also a professional photographer, my company name is PixlBOX and I have just received the new marketing materials that I am going to be displaying at the front of my property. Nice, don’t you think? 
PixelBOX photography  marketing

Photography and photo restoration marketing materials.

The Good Ol’ Days

When Summers were always hot and the lemonade was also fresh! This wonderful old photo was sent in by Glenda and in desperate need of some restoration. There were thousands of tiny cracks and some large creases that has destroyed some of the photo. But with the magic of Photoshop and also 5-6 hours of slow and steady work. I was able to full restore this wonderful old photo so that the memories of those wonderful summers could be shared for many years to come. 

Larger than the usual 


Helen brought in these wonderful old photographs from England that she has purchased to add to her collection. The largest was over a metre long and they were taken almost 100 years ago.  After restoring the photos I also framed them and this is the final result.

Christmas Hours

PixelFIX photo restoration and photo retouching services will be closed on the following dates over the coming Christmas and summer holiday period. We will be open on all other dates as per normal. Please call or email me for additional information or if you wish to make an appointment. 

Dec 24th – Closed
Dec 25th – Closed
Dec 26th – Closed
Dec 27th – Closed

Jan 1st – Closed
Jan 2nd – Closed
Jan 3rd – Closed

Jan 9th – 15th Closed

Do you have a wedding day disaster?


Jenny brought me this wonderful wedding photo, her brother was the photographer, for restoration. It had some bad copper coloured stains on the dress and skin areas. The difficulty is to remove the stain without loosing any detail in the dress and veil areas. I used channel mixer adjustment layer and curves adjustment layers to remove the offending stained area and then clean the rest of the wedding photo using stamp and healing tools. A final sharpened layer and the bride is now looking her best again and the photo is restored.

If you have any wedding photos that you would like restored then contact me 022 6373533 or click here for a free quote

New tool to play with.


This week saw the arrival of my new scanner. The old one was an HP model but that failed on me a couple of months ago so this new Epson model does large format negative scanning as well as photo and document scanning. The quality is really much improved over the old HP model. Good photo restorations all start with the quality of the original scan and so PixelFIX photo restorations will now have a much better starting point.

How do you bring back the colour? 


Edward from Singapore asked me to restore and bring back the colour to this wonderful family photo, from the seventies. It was his fathers photo and he wanted to put it back up on display again.  There was a lot of work involved and many different layers in Photoshop, but the finished result was a definite success. Edward was very happy with the photo restoration. He and his family are once again enjoying this wonderful portrait.

Thank you Pixelbox for the awesome job well done! We’ll definitely work together in the near future and I’m sure to recommend you services to my peers. Can’t wait to receive the parcel!

Spot the difference


Benjamin asked if I could do some photo retouching and change a few things in this photo. It was a straight forward request but there are lots of situations where backgrounds or people need to be removed. It is truly amazing what you can change with Photoshop. Can you see whats changed?


looking back over the past 12 months

I was just looking back over the last 12 months of photo restorations and there have been some wonderful photos this year. It’s great to know that so many people fell the same as I do about precious photos from our past. people not just from Auckland but from all over New Zealand. This was a great photo brought in by Sarah, one of nearly 60 photos that I restored for her. Definitely model material here! 

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