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Colourizing old black and white photos is an art. It is amazing what can be achieved with this method of adding colour to old black and white photos. History can come alive. This old portrait of Queen Victoria was completely transformed when I added colour to it. I did this one just for fun. But I do like these results and thought I would share them with you. 

If you would like to restore and add colour to your old black and white photos then please send us your photos. I'm sure you will also be amazed at the difference it can make. 

Before & After

colourized photo restoration
Colourized Photo restoration

Colourize and make your photo travel through time!

Old black and white photos are wonderful. They show a time that was long ago. But when you add colour you bring them forward in time so to speak they look real they have a more life to them. It is as though they were taken yesterday. It becomes an amazing transformation. 

The process to do this colourizing magic is not all science. In fact most of it is down to artistic flair and skill. Once the original black and white image is restored and looking like new again, the re-colourizing process can begin.  The process all takes place in Photoshop but the colours are painted in by hand using a 'digital brush'.  The colours are all chosen by the artist too. We do not know from the black and white photo which shade of grey is which colour. So researching the period and other information including feedback from the client is all very important to the final result.

The photo restoration colourizing example below is a fine example how colour can really make a an big impact.

Before and After

photo restoration colourize
Medium Restoration $140 plus prints

Let There Be Light!

Let there be light!

When Julia brought in this wonderful family photo for restoration. It was dark and had been laminated. A common practice with photos from the islands. But we were able to use the magic of Photoshop to bring back the brightness and also the colour. The difference is amazing and Julia was very pleased with the results.


Hi Richard 
Thankyou it looks great!

Before & After

colour photo restoration
Light Colour Restoration $60 plus prints

A Wedding To Remember

Faa brought us this very old wedding photo that he wanted to put back up on display again. The original was cut out with a pair of scissors and glued to some heavy board material. Because the couple in the photo were both wearing wight it was very difficult to find any details. And so, using Photoshop, I had to paint in by hand the shading and outlines. We also added a bench for the couple to sit on. Replaced the background and sharpened up the image to make this photo come back to life. Faa was very happy with the results. 

Before and After

Photo Restoration
Medium Photo Restoration $120 plus prints

This is what to do If this happens

Carol brought in 2 photos in there frames with broken glass. The photos had stuck to the glass and the glass had been broken when trying to remove them. This happens... a lot. If this happens to you. Please don't do anything further once you discover that the photo is struck to the glass. Bring it straight into me at Pixelfix Restoration and I can scan it through the glass before anything gets broken and things are made worse. Carol was lucky and we were able to restore the damaged areas and fix up the cracks in the glass. 

Restored Photo

Poto restoration Colour
Medium restoration $150 plus prints

Genealogy – Happy Families

Happy Families

Ian is updating his families genealogy files and he brought me a bunch of these very badly faded old black and white photos to be restored. The fading was not uniform and was quite bad in places. This type of old photo is very small and was not very sharp. The other blemishes and marks were also removed and the final restored photo was a big improvement on the originals.


Genealogy also known as family history, is the study of families and the tracing of their lineages and history. Genealogists use oral interviews, historical records, genetic analysis, and other records to obtain information about a family and to demonstrate kinship and pedigrees of its members. The results are often displayed in charts or written as narratives.

From Wikipedia.


Photo Restoration
Medium Restoration 3+ Hours $120 plus prints

This looks like its been through the mill!!

Davinder Brought in two very badly damaged photos that had been through the mill. It seemed so literally. Large sections of the image had been damaged so much that the surface had disappeared completely. But using Photoshop to build layers from the surround areas and using the clone and heal tools I was able to reconstruct the missing areas and match this with the rest of the photo. The results are really quite dramatic. Davinder was very pleased with the new photos. so much so that he asked us to frame them for him so they could go back up on the wall. Below is one of these images. 


Davinder also  wrote us a fantastic review on google you can read more about that here....

Professional service, excellent job done in agreed time.

-Davinder | Auckland

Photo Restoration
Heavy Photo Restoration 5+ hours $200

Merry Christmas Reviews

It has been a very busy Christmas but we are almost at the finishing line now. A few more pick ups still to go but all the hard work is done. The feedback has been fantastic and here are a few reviews that we got on Google. Thank you everyone and Merry Christmas.

I dealt with Richard from PixelFix who assisted me to restore a very special photo of mine. He was very quick to respond to my enquiry and did an amazing job of removing a couple of objects from the background of the photo. The photo had “70’s” wall paper so it would have been very tricky to match up the design. I would highly recommend Richard if you need assistance with photo restoration. Thanks again Richard!

Madeline – Auckland

Richard’s service and work quality is excellent. He has done a great job on the only photo I have of my Grandad in the war, even though it was a poor copy. I recommend his work.

Chris – Bay of Islands

Holiday Opening Hours

Christmas Holiday Hours

PixelFIX photo restoration and photo retouching services will be closed on the following dates over the coming Christmas and summer holiday period. We will be open on all other dates as per normal. Please call or email me for additional information or if you wish to make an appointment.

Dec 23rd - CLOSED
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Dec 30th - CLOSED
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Jan 1st - CLOSED
Jan 2nd - CLOSED



Transparent Christmas Stockings Decoration Png Clipart Japoland

Christmas is here!

Theresa wanted to get this wonderful old school photo restored for her Mother. This was a big task as the photo was very badly damaged. The photo arrived in 2 pieces! Stitching this back together was not easy as the edges had frayed. But after hours of restoration using a number of different layers I had something that was looking fantastic. 


Hi Richard

Wow, that is fantastic, you are very clever.

Theresa - Napier

Photo Restoration

Easter Hours

Please see below for opening times and dates for the Easter Holidays. If you need any restorations or Photoshop work over these dates please contact me by email and I will replay as soon as I am able. 
Wednesday 23rd
Thursday 24th
Friday 25th
Saturday 26th
Sunday 27th
Monday 28th
Tuesday 29th

Speed Machine!

Margret from Auckland brought in this wonderful old photo for restoration. It was in a poor state and in need of some PixelFIXING. Using Photoshop I was able to remove the discolouration using hue and saturation layer combined with black and white adjustment layer. Then it was mostly a few hours of cloning and healing to remove the numerous small blemishes. 

Hi Richard,  Great job.

Pedal Power!!


Tony had competed at a very high level but only had this very small ‘contact sheet’ image from  which he wanted me to make a decent sized photo print. The black and white contact print also had some damage and neg number in written on the image. a staple mark also needed to be removed. But after restoring this photo in photo shop I was able to produce and proper sized photo for Tony to put on display.

Looks good,

black and white cycling photo restoration.

black and white cycling photo restoration. Light restoration- $40 plus prints

Baby Face


Rachael brought me this very badly damaged photo that had become stuck to the glass because of moisture. Unfortunately she had tried to remove it from the glass and in the process removed part of the surface from the photo. It was also very badly faded and had hundreds of tiny cracks running through the surface.
In Photoshop I added a new background, used the stamp and healing brush to work away as much of the cracks and surface damage as possible then worked on replacing the colour.  Over 3 days and 12 hours later we had this.

Dogs on Canvases 


Over Christmas I had quite a few orders for canvases. This one below was from Georgina from Auckland who wanted to give her boyfriend this wonderful photo as a Christmas gift. I had to clean up the image and remove the glare in Photoshop. I also created a new background for the photo as well.

Hi Richard
It looks great! Thank you

Recoloured old classic


Chelsea brought in this wonderful but tired old photo. This is a classic example of an old studio photograph that was originally black and white and then was painted by hand with colour. The colour for this little boy had faded very badly over the many years and was in need or recolouring. I first cleaned up the image with clone and healing tools and then repainted the photo with different colour and soft light layers in Photoshop.

It looks AMAZING ! You have done such a awesome job i love how you have left the background as is. Thank you.

Photo Restoration

Medium Photo Restoration $180 plus prints

Bring Back The Colour!


Cheryl brought in this wonderful photo for restoration. It needs some colour restoration and through Photoshop I was able to use the channels to isolate the bad yellow staining and remove it. Then using curves, hue & saturation and a few selective colour adjustments layers we had this much improved final photo which Cheryl was surprised and delighted with.

I shall have to use your services again!! – Cheryl

Colour restoration of old photo.

Medium colour photo restoration $75

Wow, yeah….. WOW


Kalym wanted me to restore this wonderful old photo of his grandfather who had just lied about his age to enter the army. Unfortunately the photo had suffered badly from fading and had area of surface damage where the emulsion layer had fallen away altogether.
The first place to start restoring this old soldier was to isolate the silvering in Photoshop by making a mask from the an adjust blue channel. Then using curves I was able to bring back these silvered areas and smooth out the overall tone of the image. The yellowing was removed by using a B&W adjustment layer and additional selective adjustment curves layers were used to pull out the details in the floor and the stand on the right. The damaged surface areas were filled in using the clone and healing tools. Finally a dodge and burn layer was used to tidy up here and there and finish the photo restoration.

Wow, yeah…wow. Not sure what I expected, but this looks fantastic. Thanks a lot, and so quick too! – Kalym

Old soldier photo restoration - Pixelfix Auckland

Medium Restoration : Cost = $90 + print : Time 3-4 hours.

Look how this turned out!


Tony had some old photos that he asked me to restore and one of them was this delightful childhood photo. The head was missing, the bike was cut off, picture was off center. So with the help of Photoshop and a few photos from my other job as a real estate photographer, as PixelBOX photography.  I was able to rebuild a background that was in keeping with the rest of the photo. The photo is now back on display and looking a whole lot better.

Photo restoration before and after example

Photo Restoration with background replaced

Omana Beach

Richard Brought in this wonderful old photo of Omana Beach just outside Auckland for restoration. The Photo was in a poor state but I was able to fully restore this in Photoshop by removing the yellow discolouration and extending the sea front to make this wonderful old photo come alive again. The finished photo restoration is now framed and is back up on display again. 

Hi Richard, 
Look great, will put money in today.
Cheers Richard

Repeat orders


Kura came to me all the way from The Cook Islands last year with this very sad looking photo that was on the verge of total decay. I was able to reconstruct the missing pieces remove the red colour cast, fill in all the cracks and return this photo to a beautiful work of art that could be enjoyed again. Indeed this year she has just order 2 extra copies. 

Is this the biggest restoration this year?


At over a meter high and with extreme fading discolouration and multiple areas of surface damage to such a detailed and colourful photograph, this must rank as the largest restoration job this year. Abigail is herself a photographer and  brought me this wonderful family portrait to be digitally restored on behalf of her father.

The level of difficulty is very high because of the detail and colour. If this had of been black and white then it may have been a different story. But although it took nearly 3 weeks to complete and a number of proofs were made this is the final restoration. It took 34 layers in Photoshop which included numerous curves adjustment layers to tackle the discoloured highlight areas which had turned blue. The finished restoration was then framed and delivered back to the Abigail’s father.

Her father actually called me once he received the finished restoration to personally thank me. It is now hanging back up on the wall is being enjoyed once more.



Sami Brought me this wonderful old photo for restoration. He had thought that the photo had been lost forever. But when clearing out behind his fridge one day, there it was. After 20 years it was found. But in a sorry state. the entire lower half of the photo had to be completely rebuilt. So using Photoshop and by stealing parts from other photos I was able to rebuild the legs and the feet to complete the photo and make a wonderful framed photo to go back on display. The frame was from factory frames.

photo restoration black and white

Medium restoration $150 plus prints

Is this good as New?!!


Ann Sent me through this wonderful photo and it was in pretty bad condition. It was black and white but with many creases and surface damage which really did spoil the photo. Without restoration it would have eventually come apart and be lost forever. But using Photoshop and many hours of patient work, we have restored this to be good as new!

Thanks for an awesome job.   It is my mother and eldest sister and is precious as we have very few photos of mum so young.  I’m going to put up on
– Ann

Black and White photo restoration

Medium level photo restoration $120 plus prints.

Removing the scribbles

John asked me to remove the pen marks and scribbles from this wonderful old water colour painting that his grandfather had done back in the first world war. Using a combination of channel mixing and the spot removal tool i was able to completely remove the blue pen marks and restore this painting back to its original state. It can now be enjoyed for many years to come. 
photo restoration

pen marks removed from digitized copy of a water colour painting

Do we like this ?

I have updated the website and now have a few new features and speed improvements. This is all to help with the ongoing success of PixelFIX photo restoration services website. Please let me know your thoughts and please let us know how we can make the service better. I use Weebly to help build my website.

The winning team!

Team photos are often saved for posterity and are a cherished part of our history. But often they become damaged over time and mold and mildew can eat away at the surface. This was the case with this team photo from Wendy. The mounting board became damp and the mold and mildew was eating away at this wonderful old team photo. It was badly in need of restoration before the damage became too severe.

Hello Richard, I’m happy with the restoration and yes you are welcome to 
use it for demonstration.


heavy photo restoration $140 plus printing

Get Ready For Mothers Day

oldOn Mothers Day why not give a special gift that can be cherished forever. Nothing can be more special than memories. Recapture that wonderful moment by restoring a long  forgotten old photograph and watch the smiles as the memory comes to life again. Get a FREE QUOTE now and have that special gift ready. 

Call International Rescue!!

Over the year I have received many inquiries from other countries. Last month I got these old black and white photos from Marilyn in Tahiti. She was visiting from Tahiti and her son had found my webpage online and recommend that she visited me whilst she was here. I had a limited time to restore these wonderful photos of hers. There was lots of red discolouration and the surface was badly damaged, but I think we had a very successful photo repair and she was very happy with the result.

I am happy about the work. – Marilyn | Tahiti

Another Great Review

Colin From Auckland brought in this wonderful old wedding photo that he wanted to restore for his wife as an anniversary present. This was the only colour photo from their wedding day and as such was a very precious memory. In Photoshop I was able to fix up the colour and remove the small marks and blemishes. The finished photo restoration was then framed in a simple but stylish white frame. Colin was so pleased with the result that he gave this wonderful review on Google.

I found a small, torn, badly marked and scratched colour photo at my mother-in-law’s home that depicted my wife Charmaine and I on our wedding day in 1972.
The photo is special because, although taken by a friend using a small Instamatic camera as we sat in the wedding car, it is the only colour photo we have of our wedding because all the professionally-taken colour photos did not come out due to a fault with the photographer’s camera.
I took the damaged small photo to Richard at PixelFix and he restored it beautifully to the stage where he was able to provide us with an enlarged print within a nice white frame which has pride of place on our mantelpiece.
I presented it to Charmaine for our wedding anniversary and she was absolutely thrilled with the superbly restored and vastly improved photo.
Colin Taylor
Commercial Property Editor
New Zealand Herald

Wedding Photo Restoration

Colour Wedding Photo Restoration

Could be in a spot of bother here!

Ruth sent me a batch of these wonderful old prints to be restored and as you can see, they are very badly spotted. this is a very common problem here in New Zealand and in Auckland in particular, due to the constant humidity and dampness during the winter months. But using Photoshop and by isolating the red and yellow channels I was able to remove the spots and restore these wonderful photos back to a presentable condition. 

Hi Richard
 Thanks so much.
You did a wonderful job and I will have the pleasure of showing the rest of the family next week.
– Ruth

Photo Restoration

Large over sized photo restoration $180 plus prints.

Christmas is coming!

It is almost here, Christmas I mean. But whilst there may only be 1 month to go before the madness is over there is still time to get those old photos restored and made into wonderful Christmas presents. I will be taking order for restorations up until the last week before Christmas. The new courier service I am using will ensure everyone gets there finished restorations in time for Christmas.

Below is a great photo that I have restored for Kaylm and he was very happy to have this restored and I’m sure it will make a wonderful Christmas present


Everett brought in a wonderful old aerial photo taken of the Botany Downs area in Auckland, from way back in the 50’s. He was looking to make this old photo into a canvas to go on his wall. It was originally black and white but was then hand painted to make it look like a colour photo.  It was loosing its colour and was fading. So I restored the photo and produced a large 30″ x 40″ canvas that he now has displayed up on his wall. Below is the finished product. A large hand stretched cotton canvas on a wooden frame with full UV protective coating. This now looks full of colour and will last for many years to come.

Large canvas restoration

Large canvas 30″ x 40″ $390 scanning and restoration cost $120

Feeling rejuvenated!

Adrienne brought in this wonderful old photo for some rejuvenation! So that’s what we did We have rejuvenated this wonderful family photo and brought it back to life. Using Photoshop to correct the colours and using the clone and healing brush to remove damaged areas I was able to fully restore this old photo. 
Colour Photo Restoration

Colour Photo Restoration Medium Cost $80 plus prints

Sennotype Restoration

​Paul Brought me this very precious old Sennotype slide. Unfortunately there was no colouring on this example. Either it has been lost or damaged, but it is no longer part of this photo. Paul is going to be donating this photo to the Otago Settlers Museum. This photo is a relative of Pauls’ and is of importance as he was one of those early settlers in that region.  It has now been fully restored as a black and white print which he will keep.

New Review

Shinoy sent through his photo that he wanted some retouching work done. He was so pleased with the results he added this review to Google.
Read about the review HERE

One again thank you so much for the touch up. Definitely recommend you to others and use ur service again
Regards – Shinoy

Photo retouching

Blurring background, editing clothing and adjusting colours $80

Just The Lady Please…

Jenny asked for just the lady to be restored and printed as a separate photo. With some magic Photoshop work I was able to cut out the lady and restore the photo, make it black and white again and make a new background so that the photo is able to be displayed again and enjoyed for many years to come.

The photo looks great thank you.

Photo restoration with new background

Photo restoration with new background $80 plus prints.

New Blog Locatation.

I am going to try and duplicate my PixelFIX photo restoration blogger blog here on the Weebly platform. I am interested to see if it has any impact on my page views and google ranking. I will maintain my blogger version as well just in case I wish to revert back to there. 

See what’s possible!!

Tony had some old photos and this half frame badly damaged slide, that he wanted to have restored for his wife. The slide was very dirty and very discoloured. There were hundreds of small black mold spots covering this slide. Using the digital ice feature on my scanner during the scanning process. I was able to remove these and with a few more hours of patience I cleaned up the photo. Then used several colour adjustment layers in Photoshop to correct the colour cast and sharpen up the image. 
Colour photo restoration

Colour photo restoration from slide $160 plus prints

Fading Fast!

Paul’s wife wanted to get this wonderful family photo saved. The sun had almost faded this one completely away. I used Photoshop to recolour parts of the image and used hue and saturation layers to recover the salvageable parts. Paul was very happy with the restoration. ​


Faded colour photo restoration $80 plus print.

Lets Get Something Straight!!

Some times things don’t go to plan. Sarah’s Graduation photo was taken without a full check-up in the mirror. The results were later to be found unsatisfactory. So Sarah asked me if I could do some photo re-touching and straighten the mortar board and improve this once in a lifetime moment so she could present this to her parents. I’m happy to say that the re-touching work in Photoshop was a success and Sarah was very happy with the results. 
Photo re-touching and manipulation. Auckland photo restorations and re-touching.

Light photo re-touching $40 1 hour approx

The Good Ol’ Days

When Summers were always hot and the lemonade was also fresh! This wonderful old photo was sent in by Glenda and in desperate need of some restoration. There were thousands of tiny cracks and some large creases that has destroyed some of the photo. But with the magic of Photoshop and also 5-6 hours of slow and steady work. I was able to full restore this wonderful old photo so that the memories of those wonderful summers could be shared for many years to come. 

Where is this going?

Nicole contacted me with a strange request and I was happy to help. As part of a gift for someone, she wanted part of a map super imposed on top of a photo taken through the windscreen of a car. I was able to brighten up the image add some more colour and using a darker colour blending layer I was able to drop in the map detail and voilà ! One photo restored and retouched to make a wonderful gift for Christmas.

Thank u so so much for all your help!! – Nicole

Photo restoration and retouching by

Light retouching/restoration. Cost was $20 plus prints.

Collage time…

Thelma wanted to create something special for a relative in america and between us this is what we created. There were 7 old photos, in black and white and some in colour that all needed to be restored before we could make them into this wonderful collage.
In Photoshop I increased the contrast and clarity of the main colour photo and created masks for the inserts. then in separate layers I added the restored black and white photos to the collage.  This has now become a unique and treasured gift.

The World’s Fastest Indian!

Burt Munro is a New Zealand legend and this black and white photo was brought to me for restoration and printing. Burt was the world record holder on his hand built and modified ‘Indian’ motor bike. This photo had multiple creases and a large yellow stain that needed removal and touch up. The final restored photo is now much cleaner and will be enjoyed for many years to come.

Black and white photo restoration

Light photo restoration 1-2 hrs cost $70 plus prints

Can you SPOT the difference?


This wonderful photo was sent to me from Pearoa by Bianca. The phot has lots of red and orange spots covering most of the photo, which has really spoilt this photo. Combined with the fading and discolouration it is badly in need of restoration. Using Photoshop I was able to use the channel mixer in black and white mode to knock out most of the red blotches then made a copy of the original image in colour mode and layered that over the top and blured it. This gave just a few large blotches to deal with. which I was able to clone and heal away in colour mode.  A few coloured layers were used to help out in the sky and white areas. The results are really very good and Bianca was very happy with her restored photo.

Hi Richard,

It looks great my parents will be happy, thank you so much I have just transferred the payment now so you should receive it soon.

Thank you again

Photo restoration

Medium Restoration $180 plus prints.

Lots of Christmas Cheer

Abby wanted me to restore this wonderful old army photo for her dad. This was going to be a great Christmas present. I was able to remove the old sellotape marks and fix up the blemishes and fading. I also restored this back to black and white and then improved the clarity and contrast.

They look amazing, I had no idea that they would be able to be salvaged to such great quality, thanks so much! I can’t wait for my Dad to see them, I wish I had of had them done years ago so that my Poppa could have seen them too. – Abby

Extreme Damaged Photo Restored

This very sad and very badly damaged photo came to me all the way from  Great barrier island. This is a great street scene from Auckland back in the 1950’s. A lot of creative thinking was needed to recreate all the missing pieces. I used the stamp and healing brush in Photoshop to fix most of the damage another few layers of dodging and burn curves and contrast adjustments and we had recovered most of the missing areas.

thank you so much Richard this is spectacular – miracle stuff….
…..I am really pleased and would not hesitate to recommend you to others and happy if you would like to put this up on your website as an example of what you can achieve
So happy to have managed to save a piece of family history,
Regards Cushla

Heavy Photo Restoration completed by Auckland's favorite photo restoration service.

Heavy Photo Restoration 10 hours $250 plus prints.

Ready for a night out!

Richard sent me this photo by email to restore just the lady and not worry about all the damage around the edges. But I suggested that I cut out the couple and make a new background and that would keep this as a complete photo. So using Photoshop I was able to convert to B&W and using different channel mixes was able to remove all the yellow blotches. I then cleaned up the other damage and created a new background layer. Richard was very happy with the results.

Photo restoration re-colouring and new background

Photo Restoration, New Background and Re-colouring $120 plus prints

Easter Hours

Please see below for opening times and dates for the Easter Holidays. If you need any restorations or Photoshop work over these dates please contact me by email and I will replay as soon as I am able. 
Wednesday 23rd
Thursday 24th
Friday 25th
Saturday 26th
Sunday 27th
Monday 28th
Tuesday 29th

Never do this with your photos!

Gordon brought me this wonderful family photo which had been laminated and badly discoloured. It definitely needed some restoration. The glue in laminates can destroy photographs, luckily I was able to save this one and restore it  using Photoshop, so it can be enjoyed for many years to come. So the moral of this story is never laminate photos!

Photo restoration by PixelFIX - Auckland

Restoring discoloured old photo

Gone Fishing

Alex brought this beautiful scenic photo in for restoration because it had obviously faded and had lost all it’s colour. He had also asked that I remove the line running vertically on the left side of the photo. This was something to related to the mast apparently. There was also surface damage from moisture and mold that resulted in many small dots. With a good number of colour layers in Photoshop and using the clone tool I was able to restore this photo back to its original state. Alex now has this re-framed and hanging back up on his boat. 
Medium Photo restoration completed by Pixelfix in Auckland

Medium restoration 3-4hours $135 plus printing

Go The All Blacks!!!

This photo restoration is from a large batch of photos that I restored of the All Blacks Rugby team  photos throughout the last 40 years. As the All Blacks play the Lions at  Eden Park tomorrow, I thought this example would be quite appropriate.  The original is badly faded and discoloured. The restored photo will be going back up on display in the Peonamo Hotel.

All Blacks photo restoration

colour photo restoration medium cost $120 plus prints

Following in the footsteps.


John Came to me with an armful of old historically important photographs and paintings. He had a story that he wished to share and tell the world. His grandfather was in the army and had documented his time in service through the war from sailing off to his return.
The photos were in varying conditions but all needed to be digitized to enable him to share the story and the journey of his ancestors. Below is an official portrait of the man in question Lincoln Lee. It required the most work being very badly faded, suffering from very bad silvering and wide spread scratches and other surface damage. Using the hue and saturation to increase the colour i was then able to mask off the various areas of silvering damage and repair them in Photoshop. Patience and lots of spot removal and a black and white adjustment layer brought this portrait back to life. A new background completed the picture and the restoration was a success .
You can read more about Lincoln Lee and his journey through World War 1 here at

The Restored-1 image, which had all that work, is just stunning.  Really, a complete transformation.
– John.

Photo Restoration of Soldier

Heavy Restoration 5+ hours $200

Speed Machine!

Margret from Auckland brought in this wonderful old photo for restoration. It was in a poor state and in need of some PixelFIXING. Using Photoshop I was able to remove the discolouration using hue and saturation layer combined with black and white adjustment layer. Then it was mostly a few hours of cloning and healing to remove the numerous small blemishes.

Hi Richard,  Great job.

Run Rabbit, Run Rabbit, Run Run Run

Hamish from Auckland brought this wonderful old photo for restoration. the photo is a good example of a black and white photo suffering from silvering and fading. By selecting the blue channel and using that to create a mask i was able to adjust the tone and revive the image in Photoshop. Hamish was very happy with the results and wrote this very nice review on Yellow Pages. You can read more about the Yellow Pages review here

Richard did a great job restoring an old family photo of my grandmother as a child and also scanning a number of other old photos in. Quick, professional and really great to deal with. Will definitely use again and recommend him. – Hamish

Happy Anniversary

Andrew brought me this faded old wedding photo and asked for it to be restored. Of course I was happy to oblige. after many years in a frame it was badly fading and the colours had deteriorated. I noticed that the colour of the eyes had  were slightly different for the man. His left eye was different to the right. I assumed this was due to a colour shift because of the fading, but in reality he had two differently coloured eyes. The left one green and the right one blue!! ​
The final restoration is now back with Andrew and his wife in Auckland and being enjoyed once more. 

…that’s great thank you           -Andrew | Auckland

Faded colour - photo restoration

Advanced colour photo restoration – cost $120 plus prints

Sometimes it’s not a photo.

This document was badly damaged by water and has discoloured with dark stained areas covering most of the image. Using a mix of colour channels and experimenting with a colour overlay in different blending modes in Photoshop, I was able to restore this document. It is now in a very presentable state. This particular document was restored for the Tongan Ministry of Culture.

A highland fling!

Shiree sent me this wonderful old photo to be cleaned up. It was starting top fade and looked a little worn. So using Photoshop I was able to clean up the blemishes and improve the overall contrast and tone of the image. A little bit of sharpening to finish the photo off then a Gallery quality Giclee print was produce and couriered straight out to Shiree.

Hi Richard
This looks amazing.  My husband was really pleased, as photo of his Dad and Uncle.
Will put the money through for you tonight
Most happy, thanks
Kind regards Shiree

Photo restoration example B&W

Clean up and restoration oversized 12″ x 16″ print $55 plus print

Something from nothing much.

When Lance brought me this sad looking photo from his companies offices for restoration, it had almost disappeared! For some unknown reason the original photo had all of the background removed. So a lot of Photoshop retouching was needed to replace the background insert a new sky, houses, wires, telegraph poles and walls.  The original photo photo also had been hand coloured, this also need to be restored.  Below is the finished result.

If you’d like to know a little more about the story of Wilcock’s Teas (now trading as ) over at this interesting website

Wilcock's Teas Nelson st.

Wilcock’s Teas Nelson st.

It’s March already!!

Wow! It’s the first week of March already, I wonder where the time goes? Well I know where the last 2 weeks has gone. I spent most of that time updating the website and improving the look and feel. I added a new colour scheme and made a few small additions and made some other thing a bit more streamlined. 

I use Weebly for my website hosting and editing i find it works well for me and it is quick and easy to use. check them out. 

Just in time for Christmas

Abbey was delighted to have this wonderful old photo restored before Christmas. This was an old and faded which had been mounted on to card and need to be lightened and contrast and clarity adjusted The background was filled in around the top to square off the edges.

Hi Richard,

I wanted to thank you for restoring my photo, looks great.
Keep up the good work 🙂
​- Abbey

Photo restoration black and white

Light – medium photo restoration cost was $45 plus prints

This was a disappointment 

Lueresia brought me this wonderful old photo that had unfortunately been badly creased straight through the middle. She had previously taken the photo to a photolab to be restored but was not happy at all with the result. So she asked if I could do any better. 
I could, and, I did. Below is the black and white version that she now has on display and the creases have all been removed and Lueresia is very happy with the restoration work. 

That looks great! Thanks so much. – Lueresia

Photo Restoration - black and white

This black and white restoration medium damage $90 plus printing.

New review for photo restoration services.

It is always nice to know that the work I do is enjoyed by others and it is making others happy. Kirsty wrote recently on my Facebook page for PixelFIX Photo Restoration services. Click here to read more from my Facebook Page. The restoration was a very large A1 poster of a Ducati motor bike. It was faded and creased with a few tears here and there. But by using Photoshop I was able to restore this wonderful poster.

Richard did an amazing job of restoring a vintage Ducati poster which was a birthday present for my husband. Perfection! My husband was over the moon! Thanks Richard.

Photo restoration of large poster, colour restoration

Oversized large poster restoration $120 plus printing

How did this happen?

Light and in particular UV light is a very destructive thing. It will literally make your precious photos disappear before your very eyes! Fleur from Mount Maunganui, had this exact problem with this wonderful portrait that had sat in a frame for too long. I was able to use Photoshop to recover the faded photo and repair the damage. Fleur was very pleased with the photo restoration and to be able to see her Mother again. 

Good afternoon thank you the photo looks great. I will make payment this afternoon. Cheers Fleur

War time is never pretty

Oscar sent me this wonderful old photo from WWII. It is a devastating scene of destruction that accompanies any war. The photo was very small and in a very poor condition as you can see from the original on the left. But with patience and a lot of Photoshop cloning I was able to remake this into a complete portrait again.

Photo restoration black and white WWII

Medium restoration – Cost : $120 plus print



​Sonnya and Leafa sent me this very badly faded and washed out old photo and asked me if I could improve it somehow. I said yes of course. In case you were wondering. I used Photoshop to examine the channels and used the blue channel to make a black and white copy of the image to paint on. Once i had removed any blemishes and cleaned up the photo using the stamp heal and dodge & burn tool, I was then able to start to repaint the photo. 20 layers and 3-4 hours later and voila!
Both Sonnya and Leafa were very pleased with the final result.

WOWSERS, that looks amazeballs! Thaaaaaanks! Totally will recommend you to others or better yet use your awesome service again! – Leafa

Faded photo restoration

Medium photo restoration badly faded colour photo – $130

Putting a smile on her face.

Vivienne brought me this wonderful photo graph and asked if I could put the smile back on the ladies face. So using the power of Photoshop to eliminate the red channel data and clean up the rest of the image with cloning and heal brushing, I was able to recreate the smile and restore this wonderful portrait. 
The photo is now being enjoyed once again and Vivienne was very pleased with the finished result. 

I am very pleased with them all. Your results with these restorations are just what I’d hoped for. – Vivienne

Summer hide away

While everyone has been watching the All Blacks in the Rugby World Cup, I’ve been busy restoring old photos.  Anthony brought me this wonderful aerial photo of his family’s batch up in the Bay of Islands in the Northland. It is a large print mounted on to cardboard and was badly faded and discoloured through sun exposure and time. Using a number of various curves adjustment layers in Photoshop I was able to carefully bring back the colour and restore contrast. A moderate amount of cloning and healing brush work was needed to clean up the small blemishes to complete the restoration.
​It is quiet an eery scene  with a stormy looking sky. Anthony tells me that the land is now covered in wild bush. Just goes to show that it doesn’t take long for nature to reclaim what is hers. 

New marketing materials photo restoration is just one part of my business. I am also a professional photographer, my company name is PixlBOX and I have just received the new marketing materials that I am going to be displaying at the front of my property. Nice, don’t you think? 
PixelBOX photography  marketing

Photography and photo restoration marketing materials.

The Good Ol’ Days

When Summers were always hot and the lemonade was also fresh! This wonderful old photo was sent in by Glenda and in desperate need of some restoration. There were thousands of tiny cracks and some large creases that has destroyed some of the photo. But with the magic of Photoshop and also 5-6 hours of slow and steady work. I was able to full restore this wonderful old photo so that the memories of those wonderful summers could be shared for many years to come. 

Larger than the usual 


Helen brought in these wonderful old photographs from England that she has purchased to add to her collection. The largest was over a metre long and they were taken almost 100 years ago.  After restoring the photos I also framed them and this is the final result.

Christmas Hours

PixelFIX photo restoration and photo retouching services will be closed on the following dates over the coming Christmas and summer holiday period. We will be open on all other dates as per normal. Please call or email me for additional information or if you wish to make an appointment. 

Dec 24th – Closed
Dec 25th – Closed
Dec 26th – Closed
Dec 27th – Closed

Jan 1st – Closed
Jan 2nd – Closed
Jan 3rd – Closed

Jan 9th – 15th Closed

Do you have a wedding day disaster?


Jenny brought me this wonderful wedding photo, her brother was the photographer, for restoration. It had some bad copper coloured stains on the dress and skin areas. The difficulty is to remove the stain without loosing any detail in the dress and veil areas. I used channel mixer adjustment layer and curves adjustment layers to remove the offending stained area and then clean the rest of the wedding photo using stamp and healing tools. A final sharpened layer and the bride is now looking her best again and the photo is restored.

If you have any wedding photos that you would like restored then contact me 022 6373533 or click here for a free quote

New tool to play with.


This week saw the arrival of my new scanner. The old one was an HP model but that failed on me a couple of months ago so this new Epson model does large format negative scanning as well as photo and document scanning. The quality is really much improved over the old HP model. Good photo restorations all start with the quality of the original scan and so PixelFIX photo restorations will now have a much better starting point.

How do you bring back the colour? 


Edward from Singapore asked me to restore and bring back the colour to this wonderful family photo, from the seventies. It was his fathers photo and he wanted to put it back up on display again.  There was a lot of work involved and many different layers in Photoshop, but the finished result was a definite success. Edward was very happy with the photo restoration. He and his family are once again enjoying this wonderful portrait.

Thank you Pixelbox for the awesome job well done! We’ll definitely work together in the near future and I’m sure to recommend you services to my peers. Can’t wait to receive the parcel!

Spot the difference


Benjamin asked if I could do some photo retouching and change a few things in this photo. It was a straight forward request but there are lots of situations where backgrounds or people need to be removed. It is truly amazing what you can change with Photoshop. Can you see whats changed?


looking back over the past 12 months

I was just looking back over the last 12 months of photo restorations and there have been some wonderful photos this year. It’s great to know that so many people fell the same as I do about precious photos from our past. people not just from Auckland but from all over New Zealand. This was a great photo brought in by Sarah, one of nearly 60 photos that I restored for her. Definitely model material here! 

Let’s be colourful


Grant emailed me and asked for this wonderful old photograph to be brought back to life and to add colour back to the photo. He was able to give me very clear guidelines as to what the colours used to be. So using this information I was able to paint back in the colours, one by one. Below is a screen shot of the different  layers and colours used to paint in the colour. Everything down to the eyes lips eyebrows and background all get individual attention.


There was 15 layers for the colour painting alone on this restoration.