Could be in a spot of bother here!

Ruth sent me a batch of these wonderful old prints to be restored and as you can see, they are very badly spotted. this is a very common problem here in New Zealand and in Auckland in particular, due to the constant humidity and dampness during the winter months. But using Photoshop and by isolating the red and yellow channels I was able to remove the spots and restore these wonderful photos back to a presentable condition. 

Hi Richard
 Thanks so much.
You did a wonderful job and I will have the pleasure of showing the rest of the family next week.
– Ruth

Photo Restoration

Large over sized photo restoration $180 plus prints.

1 thought on “Could be in a spot of bother here!

  1. Reply - December 7, 2017

    I’m really glad that you decided to upload these amazing pictures. I always like seeing old pictures getting renewed or restored. I hope that you can share more pictures with us in the future. I’m definitely interested in seeing more of your classical pictures.

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