Is this the biggest restoration this year?

At over a meter high and with extreme fading discolouration and multiple areas of surface damage to such a detailed and colourful photograph, this must rank as the biggest restoration job this year.

Abigail is herself a photographer and  brought me this wonderful family portrait to be digitally restored on behalf of her father.

The level of difficulty is very high because of the detail and colour. If this had of been black and white then it may have been a different story. But although it took nearly 3 weeks to complete and a number of proofs were made this is the final restoration.

It took 34 layers in Photoshop which included numerous curves adjustment layers to tackle the discoloured highlight areas which had turned blue. The finished restoration was then framed and delivered back to the Abigail’s father.

Her father actually called me once he received the finished restoration to personally thank me. It is now hanging back up on the wall is being enjoyed once more.

Is this the biggest restoration this year?

Is this the biggest restoration this year? Picture

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