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Photo Restoration of WWI Soldier

John Came to me with an armful of old historically important photographs and paintings. He had a story that he wished to share and tell the world. His grandfather was in the army and had documented his time in service through the war from sailing off to his return.

The photos were in varying conditions but all needed to be digitized to enable him to share the story and the journey of his ancestors. Below is an official portrait of the man in question Lincoln Lee.

It required the most work being very badly faded, suffering from very bad silvering and wide spread scratches and other surface damage.

Using the hue and saturation to increase the colour i was then able to mask off the various areas of silvering damage and repair them in Photoshop. Patience and lots of spot removal and a black and white adjustment layer brought this portrait back to life.

A new background completed the picture and the restoration was a success .
You can read more about Lincoln Lee and his journey through World War 1 here at

The Restored-1 image, which had all that work, is just stunning.  Really, a complete transformation.
– John.

Photo Restoration of Soldier - Photo Restoration of WWI Soldier

Heavy Restoration 5+ hours $200

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