Why Colourize


Because the past was always in colour! Photo colouring, also know as photo colourization. Has been going on since the very early days of photography. Availability of true colour photography was not widely available to most people. So therefore the ability to colourize your black and white photos. Has been going on for over 150 years. Today though we have perfected this process and now we colourize photos with amazing results.

Adding colour to black and white photos is still an art even in this modern digital era. We use the very latest in digital touch and pen technology. Which produces amazing colour effects that bring life a vibrancy to your precious photos. Painting on a screen in much the same way as you would paint with a brush on canvas. We also use the latest software from Adobe, along with professional graphic tablets from Wacom.

What We Can Colourise


Colourize Black and White Photos

If your wedding day was way back when... Then let us help you bring the memories of that day back to life. Why not add colour to your wedding day photos.

You can see many more examples of photos colourized in the gallery

Restore & Colourize

Add colour as well as restore your old damaged photos. If you are restoring as a gift. Then why not add some colour and really make them smile.

You can see many more examples of photos colourized in the gallery

Sun bleached or Faded Photos

These faded photos really stand out when they are colourized. Colour can add so much to an image. You can see many more examples of photos colourized in the gallery


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How We Colourize Photos

Photo colouring is a little like colouring in a detailed colouring book. Using the latest Adobe software and professional drawing tablets to draw on the colours. So that the colours overlay the the black and white tones underneath. The black and white tones allow the colours to seem much more natural and realist. Compared with previous generations, who would just paint on top of the photo.

This new technology gives us much greater control over the colours. Therefore we can produce much more realistic and more colourful colourized photos.

Time Lapse Demonstration

Here is a video to show you some of the ways we are able to colourize black and white or sun bleached photos.

Photo Colouring Why Choose Us

Colourize photos old black and white air New Zealand photo. Before and after.

The Past Was Colourful

The past wasn’t in black & white it was in colour. Seeing these old images in colour, it really transforms them.

colourized photo gallery

Colourize old black and white photo. Army officer before and after.

Restore & Colourized

When you get your old black & white photo restored. Why not ask for it to be coloured at the same time.

colourized photo gallery

Colourize sun bleached photo. Two children before and after.

Sun Bleached & Colourized

Adding colour can help to better define an old faded image. As it provided another layer of separation and contrast.

colourized photo gallery

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost to colourize photos will depend on the level of detail within the photo. Single headed portraits with plain backgrounds have less detail than say a team photo with 20 faces and uniforms. Each item in the photo will have its own colour. So therefore a bunch of flowers in a wedding photo can be quite time consuming to add colour to. We can only make a judgement once we have inspected the image. A full quotation will be sent to you by email.

The safest way to send us your photos is to scan them and then upload your photo to us. You can click the FREE QUOTE form to upload your digital file. Another safe way is to courier them. Please place your photos/slides/negatives in a ziplock bag. Then ensure they is some cardoard or something to prevent bending. Otherwise if you are local you can arrange an appointment to drop off your photos.

We will normally have your order processed in 3-5 working days. If you have a deadline to meet please let us know. We are always willing to work with you to try and meet your deadline. A proof of the finished colourized photo will be emailed to you, for your approval before we go ahead and print your photo. Delivery will be by courier service once payment has been received.

You can pay use online banking to make a direct credit to our account. Pixelbox ltd. 38-9007 0854173-00. PixelFIX.co.nz website is a PixelBOX Ltd. enterprise and all payments are to be made payable to PixelBOX Ltd. You can also pay using your Visa or Mastercard Credit Card online through our secure payment facility. There is a 4% surcharge for credit card transactions.

Yes, of course. We are happy to work with you to make your colourized photos the best they can be. IF you know that a certain piece of clothing was a particular colour then please let us know at the start. Then we can try and match your expectations first time. But if the colours are in need of adjustment then we are happy to make those alterations.
Please bear in mind that colours are not always going to ever be an exact match. As every computer screen shows colours differently.

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