Add colour to your black and white photos and bring your memories to life.

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Faded Photos

Add back the colour to sun bleached photos.

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Colour Correction

We can correct the discolouration and colour casts.

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What is Colourisation

This Is How The Magic Happens

Adding colour to black and white photos is still an art even in this modern digital era.  We use the very latest in digital touch and pen technology to produce amazing colour effects that bring life a vibrancy to your precious photos. Painting on a screen in much the same way as you would paint with a brush on canvas. We use the latest software from Adobe, Photoshop CC along with Wacom Graphic tablet and digital pen.

Price Guide



$ 60

  • Add Coloour to B&W photos
  • Bring life to old photos
  • Online archives available
  • Restoration is additional cost
  • ​Prints or files @ additional cost

Faded Colour


$ 60

  • Restore faded colour
  • Increase contrast and clarity
  • Add additional colour where necessary
  • Restore detailed areas lost to fading
  • ​​Prints or files @ additional cost



$ 40

  • Restoration of discolouration areas
  • Restore colour casts.
  • Improve colour vibrancy and saturation
  • Restoration of discoloured B&W
  • ​Prints or files @ additional cost


What Our Customers Say About Us

Looking for Photo resuscitation then you will not beat Pixelfix for care and understanding and outstanding quality and price.

John Griffiths


Amazing fix to a very damaged family portrait from my youth. The mans a magician.

Luke Kain


Richard has done a great job restoring my parents old wedding picture. He did it within a week and there were no hassles at all. Great communication and 5 star work!

Urshila Soma


Great service, fast, fair pricing and great finished product. Very happy with Pixelfix, I will certainly be using their services again soon.

Rebecca Anderson

New Zealand

I would recommend Richards care and expertise with photo restoration and the final product is wonderful.

Tarn Lawn


Fast and Friendly service. Great restoration results! Will definitely be a repeat customer.

Emma Carman


PixelFIX provided a fantastic service. They replied to my query very quickly and were friendly and helpful. I'm very happy with the results of the restoration.

Melanie Thacker

Palmerston North

Great speedy service, easy to deal with and happy with endresult!

Tess Bos


I presented Richard with two aerial photos of our farm. One dating from maybe the 1950s or 60s was originally B&W and then hand painted to provide colour. The second was from the 70s and badly faded. Both had been hanging in the garage for the last 20 years and were not in great shape. Richard scanned the photos, restored them and printed them on canvas. They are now beautiful testaments to the 3 generations who have lived on the farm. Thank you for helping us save such precious memories.

Tracy Tristam


Richard did a fantastic job in repairing my photo. His craftsmanship is excellent. He takes a very close look at every details and more than matched my expectations.

Utpal Guha


Great service, great result, easy to deal with.

Rebecca Spiers