Faded Colour

We can bring back the colour and make them shine again.

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Remove the spotting and foxing caused by mould.

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Extreme Damage

Even if you think it is beyond repair you will be amazed at what we can do!

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Missing Pieces

Replace missing pieces and make the photo whole again.

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Colour Correction

Restore the true colour and contrast to discoloured photos. Making them vibrant again.

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Water Damage

We can reverse the devastating damage cause by water or moisture exposure.

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We Restore Any Damaged Photo.

Send us your photo for restoration.

Many things can damage your precious photos. Direct sunlight, misuse, accidents, and tears or water & flood damage are just some of the ways a photo can degrade and require photo restoration.
Even if you think the photo is beyond repair, you may be pleasantly surprised at what can be achieved by PixelFIX photo restoration services.
Send me your photo for a FREE no obligation quote now.

  • Fading
  • ​Water Damage
  • ​Silvering
  • ​Large Negatives
  • ​Scanning
  • Backgrounds
  • ​Cellotape
  • Mold
  • Scratches
  • ​Spotting
  • Daguerreotype
  • Printing
  • Wedding Photos
  • Pen Marks
  • Tears
  • ​Creases
  • ​Tin type
  • ​Slides
  • ​Copying
  • Genealogical
  • ​Newspapers

Price Guide

Photo Restoration Price Guide

  • Basic
  • 1-2 hours work
  • ​Basic colour and brightness.
  • Scanning, copying & enlargements.
  • Improve sharpness, contrast and clarity.
  • ​​Minor dust and scratch marks
  • ​​Prints or files @ additional cost
  • Rates are $50 per Hour
  • Medium
  • 2-4 hour
  • ​Removal of creases and tears.
  • Change backgrounds, replace missing areas.
  • Restore fading, advanced colour corrections.
  • Remove stains, mold and silvering.
  • ​​Prints or files @ additional cost
  • Rates are $50 per Hour
  • Extreme
  • over 4 hours
  • Badly damaged cracks, tears, rips.
  • ​Replace people and difficult areas.
  • Restore damage to facial features.
  • Over sized and heavy detail work.
  • ​​Prints or files @ additional cost
  • Rates are $50 per Hour


What Our Customers Say About Us

  • "I would recommend Richards care and expertise with photo restoration and the final product is wonderful."

  • "Fast and Friendly service. Great restoration results! Will definitely be a repeat customer."

  • "PixelFIX provided a fantastic service. They replied to my query very quickly and were friendly and helpful. I'm very happy with the results of the restoration."

    Palmerston North
  • "Great speedy service, easy to deal with and happy with endresult!"

    - TESS BOS
  • "Richard did a fantastic job in repairing my photo. His craftsmanship is excellent. He takes a very close look at every details and more than matched my expectations."



We can restore any kind of damaged photo.

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The cost of photo restoration will depend on the severity of damage and time required to fix it. Small repairs may take less than an hour but larger more complicated restorations may take many hours. We can only make a judgement once we have inspected the image. A full quotation will be sent to you by email. For more information on price please refer to the price guide, find out more.

The safest way to send us your photo is not to send it at all but to have a scan made and then email that file to us. Alternatively you could put the scanned photo file onto a C.D. and post that to us. If you do decide to send us your original photo then please use a courier service such as 'Courier Post' to ensure it arrives safe and sound.

We will normally have your order processed in 3-5 working days. A proof of the restored photo will be emailed to you, for your approval before we go ahead and print your photo. Delivery will be by courier service once payment has been received..

If you are in New Zealand then kia-ora my friend, you can use online banking to make a direct credit to our account. Pixelbox ltd. 38-9007 0854173-00. trades under the name of PixelBOX and all payments are to be made payable to PixelBOX. You can also pay using your Visa or Mastercard Credit Card online through our secure Paymate connection. There is a 4% surcharge for credit card transactions. Paymate is processed through a securely encrypted web page.

That will largely depend on the size of print you have and the size of print you would like us to make for you. If your photo is very small or very large then contact me for custom scanning settings. General settings for a 6x4 image: 600 dpi resolution full colour RGB (even for black and white photos) Maximum quality JPEG setting. This should result in file that is about 6-7MB in size. We can print quite large from this size of scanned photo, if required. If your original photo is smaller or larger than 6" x 4" then file size will vary accordingly, so will the final print size.

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