Facial Re-Touching

Vogue style re-touching is available for everyone.

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Clean up

We can clean up any unsightly areas in your photos.

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Remove Items or People

Change your photo, to how you want. You will be amazed at what we can do!

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Photo Re-Touching

You'll Be Amazed At What Is Possible!

The old saying that 'the camera never lies' is no longer true, especially with today's digital retouching technology. Today we are able to do all manner of amazing retouching to images both old and new. We can retouch backgrounds, remove clutter, remove people, add people, remove wrinkles and blemishes, enhance colour, merge two images together, make panoramic prints and so much more. 

Send me your photo along with a brief explanation of what you would like to change and we will provide a FREE QUOTE, no obligation.

Price Guide

Light Re-Touching

$ 20 - 80

​Up to 2 hours re-touching work.

  • ​Basic colour and brightness.
  • ​Scanning, copying & enlargements.
  • ​​Improve sharpness, contrast and clarity.
  • ​​Minor dust and scratch marks
  • ​Prints or files @ additional cost

Medium Re-Touching

$ 80 - 200

​​Up to 5 hours re-touching work.

  • Full facial re-touching
  • Change backgrounds, replace people.
  • Advanced colour corrections.
  • Re-styling & portfolio images
  • ​​Prints or files @ additional cost

Heavy Re-Touching

$ 200+

5+ Hours of restoration

  • Heavy re-styling and conceptual.
  • ​Replace multiple people and difficult areas.
  • Photo Montages
  • Over sized and advertising work.
  • ​Prints or files @ additional cost