Why You Should Scan Your Photos

Photo scanning is the same as making a backup of your memories. This is because the digital world is here to stay. Digital storage is now the future of all photo storage. Therefore having your old photos in the same, format as your new photos just makes sense.
Most importantly, because life is not perfect. Your photos can fade.

Meaning that the sunlight can erase all the detail from photos in a matter of a few short years. Likewise moisture can creep in, even when stored in photo albums. There is also surface damage from dust mold and mildew. Lastly there are the disasters that happen. Unfortunately it happens all too often. Fire, flood or even earthquakes. We have restored the damage caused by all of these.

Share your old memories on your Facebook. Alternatively send them around the world by email or look at them on your phone. You can make multiple copies and organise your new digital images in a lots of different ways. But most of all share them. Share the memories and enjoy the good times that your photos show.

Bulk Photo Scanning

If you have a few decades of family photos lying around gathering dust and never being seen. Then we can help. Bulk scanning of photos is what you need.

We can scan and digitize hundreds and thousands of photos to USB, DVD Disk or even online archives. Our professional Epson scanning equipment produces amazing results every time. So that your high resolution photo scans can be printed out. As well as getting great quality enlargements as well.

Check out our dedicated website for photo scanning. You can find out more about our Bulk Scanning Service on our sister website.

Photo scanning photos. Shoe box of photos
Photo scanning slides. Kodak slide.

Slide And Negative Scanning

Viewing slides was a very unique experience. Inviting the neighbors around to view images on a large projector screen from your holidays abroad was a hands down winner over the humble photograph album. But today, the projectors are all gone. The slides are sitting in boxes in draws or in the garage somewhere gathering dust. Never to be seen again.

But we can help. We have the ability to digitize all of those slides and make them useful again. You can now use your TV as your projector and show your holiday snaps to everyone! Not only your slides but also your negatives. Those stripes of small images. That you can't quite tell who is in the photo because the negatives have all look brownish and the colours reversed.

Our professional Epson scanning equipment ensures the highest quality every time. We also provide a free scans* when using our photo restoration service.

*free scans only apply to restorations smaller than 8" x 10"

Custom Photo Scanning

Photo scanning medium format negatives

Medium Format

There have been many different types and sizes of negative used by photographers over the years. We can scan almost any type of negative.

Get a free quote and find out how much it cost. Just click below.

Large elephant

Large Items

No matter what the size we have been able to digitize them. Large and extra large photos, posters, aerial shots we can digitize them all.

Find out how much it costs to scan your photos, just click below.

Photo scanning albums and delicate items

Albums & Delicate Items

Whether it is a photo album from the ‘80’s or one from the 1880’s . We can scan them, digitize them and preserve them for the future.

Your free quote is available for you now, just click below.

Why Choose Us

We have the experience and knowledge

There have been many different photo formats used throughout the history of photography. So therefore not everything fits into the normal scheme of things. But we have the experience and knowledge, to deal with all of them.

If you have an unusual request or something out of the ordinary. Or don't know how to go about getting it scanned or digitized. Then we can help.

We offer expert assessment and advise. With over 25 years experience in the photographic trade.

We have a dedicated photo scanning website.Where you can learn more about our Custom Scanning Services.

We have successfully scanned them all.

  • Sennotype glass plates.
  • Large format negatives.
  • Photos torn into little pieces.
  • Photographs stuck to the glass.
  • Wedding photo albums rescued from a fire.
  • Poster sized images.
  • Oversized aerial photographs.
  • Tintype photos.
  • 8" glass plate negatives.
  • Meter long squadron photos

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of photo scanning will depend on two thing. Firstly, how many photos, slides or negatives that you want to digitize. The more you have the cheaper the indivual rate becomes. Secondly, what type of photos, slides or negatives. There are big time difference between scanning loose, good condition modern photos. Compared with scanning very old delicate photo in an album. So there are cost differences between these. Sometimes we need to see the condition of the photos. After which we can give an accurate quote.

The safest way to send us your photos is to courier them. Please place your photos/slides/negatives in a ziplock bag, in multiple bags if you have many. Then ensure they are wrapped with bubble wrap or place then in a box. Otherwise if you are local you can arrange an appointment to drop off your photos.

We will normally have your order processed in 3-5 working days. Larger orders containing 1000's may take longer depending on current workloads. If you have a deadline to meet then please let us know and we will always work with you to try to meet that.

You can pay use online banking to make a direct credit to our account. Pixelbox ltd. 38-9007 0854173-00. PixelFIX.co.nz website is a PixelBOX Ltd. enterprise and all payments are to be made payable to PixelBOX Ltd. You can also pay using your Visa or Mastercard Credit Card online through our secure payment facility. There is a 4% surcharge for credit card transactions.

The 'standard resolution' photo scans produce an image that can be used to print out the image at the same size as the original photo. This size scan is also good for showing on large screens and sharing by email, Facebook etc. etc.'High resolution' scans will produce a print large enough to print out 4 times bigger than the original photo. Older photos can be quite small so this size gives the best options for archiving and future use. These scans can also be used to display oin screens and shared on social media as well.


Are you looking for Photo Restoration? Find it here.

Price Guide

Please note price are a guide only. Contact us for a full quote.
  • Custom Scans

  • $ 1 - 2.50
  • Minimum charge $30
  • Scan from albums
  • Delicate photos scans
  • High resolution images
  • Auto corrections
  • Secure Online archives available
  • Bulk Scanning

  • From 0.40c
  • Minimum Charge $30
  • Digitise 100's and 1000's of photos
  • Front and back scans
  • High resolution images
  • Auto corrections
  • Online archives available
  • Slide & Neg Scans

  • $ 1.25 - 2.50
  • Minimum Charge $30
  • Scan from slides
  • Scan from negatives
  • High resolutions scans
  • Colour corrections
  • Online archives available
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